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About EPGS

About EPGS

In 1991 the European Postgraduate Gastro-surgical School (EPGS) was founded by the department of Gastroenterology and Surgery at Amsterdam UMC – location AMC of the University of Amsterdam. The participating departments are Gastroenterology, Surgery, Pediatric Gastroenterology and Radiology.

The school has a governing board of 6 members, all professionals at Amsterdam UMC. Chairman is professor Paul Fockens (gastroenterology), secretary is professor Olivier Busch (intestinal surgery), treasurer is professor Marc Benninga (pediatric gastroenterology). Regular members are professor Willem Bemelman (intestinal surgery), professor Otto van Delden (radiology) and professor Cyriel Ponsioen (gastroenterology).

Goal of the EPGS is to pass on knowledge by means of high quality courses, workshops, symposia and conferences. Speakers/teachers are recruited from our own departments as well as from the international, well known, community. The topics of the courses are all gastroenterological related subjects. Strong point of the school is its interactive way of communication by means of live demonstrations of procedures and small break-out sessions or small workshops with active discussions.

The EPGS is a non-profit foundation and any surplus flows back to the participating departments, with the restriction that monies can soley be used for research and training.

At present the EPGS organizes yearly about 4 to 5 international large scale meetings and about 15 smaller symposia and workshops, either international or national. Participation ranges from 50 to 600 delegates.