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Posted on Jul 12, 2017

EUS Live in Amsterdam 2018

EUS Live in Amsterdam 2018

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Dear endoscopist and endoscopy-nurse,

We are preparing for the 21st edition of EUS Live in Amsterdam, one of our longest running courses.

We select our “standard” EUS-cases like we do the all through the year. We use different instruments and needles and we discuss and discuss and discuss all different aspects of EUS. We also have an on-site cytologist who shows immediately what we have given him. And this all in a very collegial relaxed atmosphere.

We hope this course will offer you an opportunity, maybe together with your EUS-nursing staff, to discuss the indications, technique and interpretation of images of still one of the most challenging endoscopic procedures, EUS.
We look forward to seeing you (again) in June 2018 in Amsterdam.

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We would like to inform you that Amsterdam is very busy in this time of the year.

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